Comprehensive Planning

A comprehensive plan expresses a community's vision for its future. From land use maps to policy guidance to technical studies, we prepare comprehensive plans that build on the community's vision and define how plans will be implemented over time. Our comprehensive planning services include growth management strategies, land use mapping, demographic and economic projections, public facility plans, integrated land use and transportation plans, natural resource planning, intergovernmental coordination – all with a common thread of engaging public involvement.

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Concept and Master Planning

We believe that a complete and sustainable community deserves a plan that shapes its urban form, celebrates its landscape and defines a clear path forward for practical implementation. We manage interdisciplinary teams and public processes to prepare plans for town centers, neighborhoods, new communities, employment districts, transportation corridors and other newly developing or redeveloping areas. Our approach is founded on collaboration, public and agency involvement, smart growth and sustainable planning, strong economics and a commitment to practical implementation.

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Transportation Planning

The best transportation plan is one that is tightly integrated with the land use plan. We integrate land use and transportation through a wide variety of transportation planning services: transportation systems plans, transportation policy analysis and manuals, corridor management plans, compliance analysis with Oregon’s Transportation Planning Rule, interchange area management plans and permitting for transportation and transit facilities. From high-speed rail corridors to local street standards, we cover a broad range of transportation planning and land use integration.

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Development Codes

We are proud to be a recognized leader in preparing workable land use regulations for local jurisdictions – development codes, zoning ordinances and design guidelines. Our expertise includes:

  • Auditing existing regulations to guide, streamline, and prioritize code updates

  • Facilitating the iterative process of reviewing and revising code language with technical and community advisory committees

  • Updating elements of local development codes to comply with federal, state and regional requirements

  • Integrating smart growth and sustainable policies and practices into development codes 

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Development Services

Our planners have over 100 years of combined professional experience on “both sides of the permit counter." Every staff member has extensive experience preparing and coordinating successful land use applications and entitlements for development projects. We have collaborated with public and private clients on the full array of development applications: conditional use permits, zone changes, comprehensive plan amendments, master plans, design review approvals and many other permits. In addition to our work for private development clients, we have extensive experience preparing successful land use applications for parks, fire stations, schools, water works, transportation facilities and many other public facilities that require land use approval.

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Public Facility Planning

Schools, roads, water reservoirs, and other infrastructure are essential public facilities and a key part of a community’s comprehensive plan. We assist cities, school districts and other service providers to prepare short and long-term public facility and capital improvement plans that guide where and when public facilities should be built, and how they should be financed. Our staff often facilitates community and stakeholder committees that work with service providers to develop the facility plans.

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Environmental Planning

It is a complex and fast-changing world of natural resource and environmental planning. We work with local and regional governments to develop and apply regulations that protect and enhance our environment – taking an integrated approach to water quality, erosion control, flood management and fish and wildlife habitat. Our planners use their extensive experience and trusted communication skills to help public and private clients craft effective environmental code, as well as navigate through the complex regulatory process.

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