ODOT Transportation Development

Highway Mobility Standards Guidelines

State of Oregon

Working with ODOT staff and internal stakeholders, APG prepared the Oregon Highway Plan Mobility Standards Guidelines. These guidelines are intended to address issues that arise during the application of the OHP mobility standard policy (OHP Policy 1F). In particular, the document provides focused guidance on the processes and tools to consider in developing alternate mobility standards as provided for in OHP policy. The guideline document addresses the following elements:

  • Issues related to mobility standards and why mobility standard issues are being encountered more often at the local level
  • Policy implementation and clarification of OHP Mobility Standard Policy and Actions.
  • Alternate mobility standard processes and best practices for alternate standard development processes and implementation of this system management tool.
  • An overview of the OHP requirements for developing and implementing alternate mobility standards as part of a system planning process and actions which need to be considered as part of plan development.
  • Performance measures and criteria that can be used to define an alternate standard and the analysis tools available to establish the alternate standards.
  • Documentation of the required information necessary to present alternate mobility standards for consideration by the Oregon Transportation Commission.
  • Examples and case studies of the application of alternate mobility standards and examples of where alternate mobility standards have been considered and applied around the state.

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