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Highway 99E Corridor Plan

Woodburn, Oregon

APG led the multi-disciplinary project team that developed the Highway 99E Land Use and Transportation Corridor Plan through the City of Woodburn that addressed the project’s goals of enhancing safety, eliminating roadway conflicts, providing better access to businesses, and improving the overall economic and transportation viability of Highway 99E.

A key element of the plan is the land use recommendation associated with a new “Mixed Use Village” that links Downtown Woodburn to Highway 99E and adjacent neighborhoods.

Through a state Transportation Growth Management grant, APG worked with the City of Woodburn and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to evaluate existing and future land use and transportation conditions in the Highway 99E corridor and develop long-range strategies to guide future decisions affecting development of the corridor.

 Specifically, the Highway 99E Corridor Plan included the following elements:

  • Identification and prioritization of specific improvements to Highway 99E;
  • Identification and prioritization of specific safety, pedestrian and bicycle improvements;
  • Recommendations of potential funding options to provide the identified improvements;
  • Recommendations for enhancements to the visual and aesthetic characteristics of the corridor;
  • Amendments to the City’s land use and transportation policies and regulations (zoning and regulations related to access management, local street connections, land use and site development); and
  • Amendments to the City’s transportation capital improvement program (local streets, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements).

In addition to specific transportation improvements and an access management plan for the corridor, the Preferred Alternative includes land use recommendations associated with a new “Mixed Use Village” that links Downtown Woodburn to Highway 99E and adjacent neighborhoods. APG prepared a new zoning designation and associated development regulations that will realize, over time through development and re-development, a more pedestrian-oriented, walkable streetscape with buildings close to the sidewalk and parking lots situated to the rear or side of buildings. Other changes to Woodburn’s Development Ordinance (WDO) developed by APG to implement the recommendations of the Corridor Plan included new access management standards applicable to development on Highway 99E, stronger requirements for pedestrian walkways accessing building entrances, and enhanced requirements for parking lot landscaping. 

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