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Yaquina John Point Land Use and Transportation Plan

City of Waldport, Oregon

APG led the development of a coordinated land use and transportation plan for the Yaquina John Point study area. Addressing future land uses and zoning, as well as pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and safety along US101 were key issues for the coastal city of Waldport. 

The 150 acre study area, south of downtown, is bisected by US 101. The area is expected to experience significant increases in traffic due to development and redevelopment. The APG team evaluated the impacts future traffic and adjacent land uses, addressing the need for a connected system of pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Land use and zoning recommendations were made to guide growth and mitigate conflicts among different land uses. The project also identified changes to the local street system to provide enhanced connectivity, reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and improve access to and from US 101.

The APG team worked closely with city staff, the PMT, interested Stakeholders, Planning Commission and City Council through a series of meetings, technical analyses and technical memos.  Throughout the process, the community was kept informed about the progress of the project through a web site. 

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