City of Dundee

Project Team

Angelo Planning Group
Cogan Owens Cogan
Johnson Reid
Kittelson & Associates

Northeast Dundee Riverside Master Plan

City of Dundee, Oregon

APG led a multi-disciplinary planning team of urban design, transportation, park and recreation, land use and development code specialists to develop a master plan for this unique 400-acre property situated on the Willamette River.

The resulting plan provides an integrated land use, transportation and open space vision for the area that incorporates key natural features of the site and features future connections to a regional trail system and a range of opportunities for residential, commercial and recreational development. The Plan also identifies needed public improvements, and resulted in a set of Comprehensive Plan and development code amendments. The Master Planning process included extensive public outreach activities, including a project Web site, stakeholder and public meetings, citizens and technical advisory committees, and a four-day design charrette. Major property owners were deeply involved in the planning process.  


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