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Bend Urban Growth Boundary Remand

"Bend serves as a model for other communities to follow." 

 - Jim Rue, Director, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development

View the adoption ordinance and final UGB documents.

APG led a multidisciplinary team of planners, economists, real estate professionals, urban designers, and public involvement specialists on a large Urban Growth Boundary expansion project for the City of Bend to provide sufficient land for employment, housing, and other urban uses as the city continues to grow. Prior UGB work resulted in a remand from the Land Use Board of Appeals.

The project consisted of three phases. During Phase 1 the APG team worked collaboratively with the City to manage the project, which included a steering committee to direct policy and oversees the project, three technical advisory committees, and a series of open houses and innovative online surveys. In Phase 2, APG and subconsultants created growth scenarios using the methodology created in Phase 1 and analyzed them to create a final proposed UGB. This process included continued public and stakeholder involvement, and finalizing (through TAC review) key supporting documents of the General Plan and UGB justification, including Bend’s Buildable Lands Inventory (BLI), Housing Needs Assessment (HNA), Economic Opportunities Analysis (EOA), and an Urbanization Report. In Phase 3 the APG team finalized the UGB adoption documents and findings, completing adoption hearings, and supporting the City during the review process and final approval.

The boundary expansion – along with supporting updates to the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Development Code, Housing Needs Analysis, Economic Opportunities Analysis, Transportation System Plan, and other documents – was approved by the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development on November 14, 2016, just five weeks after submittal to the state, and no appeals were filed. 

In October 2017, the project received the OAPA Award for Professional Achievement in Planning.



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