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Frog Pond Area Plan & MasterPlan

City of Wilsonville, Oregon

APG led the long term visioning and planning for Frog Pond, a 500-acre area in Wilsonville. An overall Concept Plan set the vision for the study area, which includes land both inside and outside the urban growth boundary (UGB). The Master Plan for "Frog Pond West" provides detailed plans for how the area currently within the City will accommodate housing, roads and transportation infrastructure, trails and parks, while providing a walkable neighborhood with access to parks and natural areas.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Toolkit

Oregon Department of Transportation

APG designed and produced the Oregon Greenhouse Gas Reduction Toolkit, a set of strategies and case studies to help local jurisdictions identify and explore the kinds of actions and programs which can help reduce GHG emissions from transportation.

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Yaquina John Point Land Use and Transportation Plan

City of Waldport, Oregon

APG led the development of a coordinated land use and transportation plan for the Yaquina John Point study area. Addressing future land uses and zoning, as well as pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and safety along US101 were key issues for the coastal city of Waldport. 

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Northeast Dundee Riverside Master Plan

City of Dundee, Oregon

APG led a multi-disciplinary planning team of urban design, transportation, park and recreation, land use and development code specialists to develop a master plan for this unique 400-acre property situated on the Willamette River.

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