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Tualatin Basin Goal 5 Analysis

Washington County, Oregon

APG worked with Washington County and ten other jurisdictions in the Tualatin Basin to create an innovative environmental analysis.  This group of local governments pooled their resources to create a coordinated Goal 5 analysis and program within the context of a regional Goal 5 process led by Metro.  APG developed an innovative approach to analyze the consequences of allowing, limiting or prohibiting development within natural resource areas in the Economic, Social, Environmental and Energy (ESEE) analysis.  APG staff applied their methodology to the whole study area, documented their analysis (the urban portion of theTualatin Basin) and created a template for local governments to apply to the 80 local sites (watersheds) within the study area.  APG staff created presentation materials to explain the complex subject to technical staff and elected officials. 

In addition to the ESEE, APG and subconsultant, Fishman Environmental Services, created a unique approach to integrate disparate data sources and inventories to document the “existing environmental health” of the study area.  The Existing Environmental Health Report summarizes and presents extensive environmental information for 11 study areas (sub-basins).  The information creates a baseline from which improvements can be measured to determine the success of implementation programs.  This innovative approach goes well beyond the existing state requirements for natural resource inventory and evaluation.

 APG continued its work with the Basin jurisdictions to implement the Goal 5 program by identifying new (non-mandatory) standards in local codes to allow and encourage property owners and developers to implement habitat friendly development practices.  Potential amendments of existing local standards to remove barriers to implementation of habitat friendly practices, including low impact development techniques, were also identified.  As part of this effort, APG was responsible for documenting the process, methods, and results of this program implementation work in the form of a Nature in Neighborhoods Program compliance report to be submitted to Metro.

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