Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District

Project Team

Matt Hastie (under previous employment)
Alta Planning + Design
Davis Hibbits and Midghall
Opsis Architects

Comprehensive and Trails Master Plan

Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District

Matt Hastie (under previous employment) managed a major update of the District’s long range plan. This document will guide how the District acquires, develops, operates and maintains properties and a full range of park and recreational facilities and programs over the next 20 years. 
The Master Plan assesses and describes current conditions and future needs of the district. As part of this project, Matt oversaw a multi-disciplinary team which evaluated maintenance and improvement standards, financing strategies and planning policies, goals and objectives. The Plan also includes a strategic planning element and mechanisms for annually evaluating its performance in meeting its long-term goals. Other project activities included facilitating public and advisory committee meetings; coordinating a companion trails planning effort; creating and maintaining a project Web site; conducting a telephone survey; preparing draft and final plan and maps; and assisting with the Board adoption process.

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