City of Tualatin Community Services

Project Team

Matt Hastie
  (while at Cogan Owens Cogan)
Davis Hibbitts & Midghall
Opsis Architects


Recreation Bond Measure Feasibility Study

City of Tualatin

Matt Hastie (under previous employment) managed a team of architects, landscape architects, bridge designers, park and recreation planners and survey research experts to assist the City of Tualatin in planning for a Bond Measure proposed to fund new park and recreation facilities and improvements. 

 The bond measure was proposed to pay for a new community recreation center, as well as improvements to parks, playing fields and trails.  The team described and estimated the cost for potential improvements to approximately 25 different facilities.  The consulting team worked with the city to conduct three telephone surveys to gauge Tualatin residents’ support and willingness to pay for the facilities’ construction and upkeep through a new bond measure and monthly park and recreation maintenance fee. As a follow-up to the study, APG helped the City create a new budgeting tool to estimate the future cost of periodic maintenance of existing park and recreational facilities, as well as an enhanced level of routine maintenance.

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