Metro Sustainability Program


Metro Open Space Refinement Planning

Washington County, Oregon

Voters in the Portland region approved passage of bond measures in 1995 and 2006 to acquire, protect and link significant natural areas as a key component of the region’s overall livability and growth management strategy. APG was retained to assist Metro with land use planning services in three areas targeted for open space acquisition in Washington County. APG coordinated with Metro staff and environmental consultants to refine the target areas boundaries to include key parcels, highlight priorities, and provide the Metro Council with enough flexibility to respond to unique acquisition opportunities.

APG conducted a range of stakeholder interviews and public meetings to highlight and summarize issues, opportunities and constraints for each target area. Based on our understanding and familiarity with the plans and ordinances of the Washington  County target areas, APG was able to provide valuable insights to Metro staff on areas that were potentially protected by existing plans and regulations. This information allowed Metro to focus limited bond funds to acquire more vulnerable properties.


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