Clark County Community Planning

Highway 99 Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Clark County, Washington

Darci Rudzinski worked with County staff on an amendment to the Clark County Comprehensive Growth Management Plan 2004-2024 to adopt a long-range plan for a sub-area of the county referred to as the Highway 99 Sub-Area. The work was focused on preparing a draft supplemental environmental impact statement (DSEIS) that analyzed the potential impacts of the changes proposed in the Highway 99 Sub-Area Plan, focusing on elements of the environment as defined by Washington State Administrative Code. The resulting DSEIS evaluated a No Action Alternative and a Proposed (or “Action”) Alternative for guiding growth in a defined area in the vicinity of Highway 99.

Clark County developed numerous technical documents for inclusion in the Highway 99 Sub-Area Plan. APG was charged with reviewing and ascertaining what existing information had relevance to the DSEIS, editing data and background information, and incorporating pertinent information into the DSEIS document. Developing the DSEIS required a close working relationship with Clark County staff and detailed knowledge of Washington State’s Growth Management Act (GMA) and SEPA requirements and procedures, including the requirements for a supplemental EIS.

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