APG works with local and regional governments to develop and apply regulations that protect and enhance our environment – taking an integrated approach to water quality, erosion control, flood management and fish and wildlife habitat.

Environmental and Open Space Planning Projects


McClure and Shively Parks Master Plans

Astoria, Oregon

As part of a team managed by GreenWorks, APG led public involvement efforts for two individual parks Master Plans.

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Tualatin Basin Goal 5 Analysis

Washington County, Oregon

APG worked with Washington County and ten other jurisdictions in the Tualatin Basin to create an innovative environmental analysis.  This group of local governments pooled their resources to create a coordinated Goal 5 analysis and program within the context of a regional Goal 5 process led by Metro.

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Metro Open Space Refinement Planning

Washington County, Oregon

Voters in the Portland region approved passage of bond measures in 1995 and 2006 for Metro to acquire significant natural areas to support the region’s livability and growth management strategy. APG assisted Metro with land use planning services in areas targeted for open space acquisition in Washington County.

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Recreation Bond Measure Feasibility Study

City of Tualatin, Oregon

Matt Hastie managed a team of architects, landscape architects, bridge designers, park and recreation planners and survey research experts to assist the City of Tualatin in planning for a Bond Measure proposed to fund new park and recreation facilities and improvements.

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Highway 99 Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Clark County, Washington

APG worked with County staff on a long-range plan for the Highway 99 Sub-Area. The work was focused on preparing a draft supplemental environmental impact statement (DSEIS) that analyzed the potential impacts of the changes proposed in the Highway 99 Sub-Area Plan, focusing on elements of the environment as defined by Washington State Administrative Code.

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Nature-Friendly Development Practices

City of Happy Valley, Oregon

As part of a Metro-sponsored audit of the City of Happy Valley’s Development Code, APG conducted an analysis of existing code language to identify barriers to nature-friendly development, including a review of existing natural resource protection requirements and proposed changes to the City's Water Quality and Flood Management Overlay Zone.  APG was then hired by the City to implement the recommendations of the audit and assist the City in preparing associated code amendments.

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Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District Master Plan

Tualatin, Oregon

Matt Hastie (under previous employment) managed a major update of the District’s long range plan. This document will guide how the District acquires, develops, operates and maintains properties and a full range of park and recreational facilities and programs over the next 20 years.  

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