Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Permitting

Washington County, Oregon

APG has worked closely with the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVF&R) District for over a decade to secure land use approvals for new fire stations and expansions of existing station, as well as improvements at the Regional Training Facility in Washington County. APG worked closely with the building architects and has preparded the development applications for the following twelve (12) new or expanded TVF&R fire stations: 

  • Station 34 (SW 90th Court and Tualatin-Sherwood Road)
  • Station 50 (Walnut Street)
  • Station 51 (Tigard)
  • Station 53 (Scholl Ferry Rd. / Progress)
  • Station 56 (SW Elligsen)
  • Station 58 (Failing Street/ Highway 43)
  • Station 59 (Willamette Falls Drive)
  • Station 60 (NW Cornell Road / NW 87th Avenue)
  • Station 61 (SW Murray Boulevard/SW Butner Road)
  • Station 65 (SW 103rd and SW Canyon Road)
  • Station 67 (SW Farmington Road / SW 138th Avenue)
  • Station 68 (NW Evergreen and NW Thompson)

The development applications prepared include: Special Use, Conditional Use, Design Review, Variance, Adjustments, Parking Determinations, Director’s Interpretations and Temporary Use applications for temporary stations. APG led the neighborhood meetings and represented TVF&R at the public hearings that were required for almost every application.

APG also secured approval for a Training Tower located at the Regional Training Facility in rural Washington County. TVFR proposed to construct a 65-foot training tower to enable them to provide training programs simulating multi-story conditions.  The proposed tower exceeded the 35-foot height limitation imposed by the property’s zoning; thus, it was necessary to apply for a height variance in order to construct the tower. This project included a required neighborhood meeting.

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