Beaverton School District, Facilities Department

Beaverton School District Land Use Applications

Beaverton, Oregon

APG has worked with the Beaverton School District since 1999 and has prepared multiple land use permitting applications that have been approved in both the City of Beaverton and Washington County for projects related to the Beaverton School District’s K-12 school construction program. Our staff has a comprehensive understanding of the land use planning and permitting requirements for school facilities and a strong understanding of the Beaverton and Washington County land use permitting requirements. This working knowledge has provided the District with land use planning expertise that enables projects to navigate complex land use permitting procedures in an efficient manner.

Land use permitting for schools, be it a new school or an expansion to an existing school, involves applying conditional or special use review criteria (depending on the jurisdiction), coordinating with local planning staff and neighborhoods, and compiling technical information and findings to support project approval. We are adept at working as a part of a project team with architects, engineers, and District staff to prepare the necessary application materials and to coordinate the compilation of a complete application. Our role on a project team is to coordinate the land use permit application, conduct required neighborhood meetings, prepare the narrative demonstrating compliance with the various development standards and requirements, coordinate with the local jurisdiction staff during the preparation of the staff report, and represent the District at public hearings before a Planning Commission or Hearings Officer. We have successfully represented the District on multiple land use applications including Comprehensive Plan Amendments, Special Use and Conditional Use Permits, Design Review, Lot Line Adjustments and administrative land use reviews.  

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