Wasco County



Wasco Development Review Audit

Wasco County, Oregon

APG audited the county’s zoning code and review practices to explore strategies for improving permitting processes.  The team identified needed code amendments, evaluated consistency with state regulations, and drafted an action plan to address these issues and improve departmental efficiency. APG reviewed relevant code chapters and met with staff and stakeholders to identify deficiencies in review and permitting procedures.  This included in-depth evaluation of the procedural elements of the code. APG recommended code revisions and reorganization of the procedures chapter to ensure efficiency, clarity and consistency with state law.

This team reviewed selected code sections for consistency with state and federal regulations, including Oregon Statewide Planning Goals, Oregon Revised Statutes, federal regulations regarding flood plain management, and the Transportation Planning Rule.

The final product was a Strategies and Action Plan that provides a complete assessment of issues and potential solutions. Strategies fall into five categories: code amendments, agency coordination, documentation and review, information sharing, and internal practices. The process included close coordination with staff, the advisory committee, Planning Commission, and community members.

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