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Unified Development Code (UDC)

City of Salem, Oregon

APG worked with the city of Salem on a unified development code (UDC). Similar to many communities, Salem had been modifying its development code on an incremental and piecemeal basis to respond to growth and development pressures, local issues of concern, and evolving regional and statewide land use rules and requirements. Over a period of many years, Salem’s code had become more cumbersome, and the growing complexity of the code was challenging for staff, citizens, neighborhood groups, developers, and review bodies alike. The UDC consolidates a number of ordinances related to land use into a single, cohesive code with a consistent set of definitions and procedures. Once an acceptable code structure was developed, APG staff prepared a comprehensive first draft for staff review. A unique challenge associated with this project was the conversion of the Salem’s existing approach to uses based on the out-dated Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system to a new simplified use classification system.

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