Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD)


Multi-County Code Update Project

As statutes and rules affecting exclusive farm use (EFU) and forest zones are periodically amended, a number of Oregon counties have been unable to keep their local ordinances in compliance, often lacking sufficient staff resources for time-intensive code updates. To help address this problem, APG worked with DLCD to create model code language, as well as reporting forms and a helpful user's guide, to simplify the process for counties interested in bringing their ordinances up to date. 

The model code incorporates both the prescriptive and discretionary components of statutory and rule provisions that govern EFU and forest zones in Oregon, providing a framework that informs counties what their resource zones must entail and where they have flexibility in development permitting and review.

Since 2015, APG has helped several counties successfully implement the model zone by providing local ordinance modifications, tailored to specific county needs, and consultation to support adoption. We are currently working with seven additional counties across the state to update resource zones and associated ordinance requirements.

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