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Milwaukie Code Updates

City of Milwaukie, Oregon

As part of a TGM Code Assistance project, APG worked with the City of Milwaukie to provide a complete replacement of the city’s procedures chapter.  The new procedures chapter includes the following sections:

  • General provisions - described the purpose and applicability of the chapter, along with provisions regarding decisions and extension of approvals.
  • Pre-application conference - outlined when a conference is required, information to be covered at the conference, and city/applicant responsibilities.
  • Application submittal and completeness review - established submittal requirements for applications, outlined the completeness review process and addressed re-submittal of previously denied applications.
  • Procedures for Type I through Type IV reviews - including public notice requirements, decision authority, and appeal procedures for each review type.
  • Public hearings and appeals - outlined the process for public hearings and appeals.

The new procedures chapter is consistent with state laws regulating land use and provides the basic framework for how the city conducts land use and development review.  APG also provided the city with a new development review chapter to address gaps in the city’s ability to review proposals.  In addition, this project included revisions of the city’s provisions relating to variances and non-conforming uses.

All of the code amendments prepared by APG have been adopted into the Milwaukie Zoning Code.

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