Clark County Community Development Department

Clark County Development Code Restructure

Clark County, Washington

APG worked with Clark County on a complete reorganization and clean-up of its Development Code. The County had not had a major revision to its Code since its first comprehensive land-use plan was adopted in 1979-1980.  The primary goal of the project was to improve Code usability by restructuring the County’s existing zoning and development standards into a more organized format, making minor code amendments to clarify existing code language; codify current practice; and create a consistent style throughout, while remaining “policy-neutral.”  The process resulted in the successful adoption of a new Clark County Unified Development Code (UDC).

Highlights included working with two technical advisory committees – one for the development code (DTAC) and one for the environmental code (ETAC).  These committees were established to simultaneously guide the review, restructure and update the code.  Once an acceptable code structure had been developed, APG worked with County staff to prepare three drafts of the preliminary Title 40 that were refined over the following year via ongoing, intensive review.  Public participation and policymaker input on the Code Restructure project was elicited throughout the project through a series of Open Houses, stakeholder interviews, and presentations to the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners. 

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