APG is proud to be a recognized leader in preparing workable land use regulations for local jurisdictions – development codes, zoning ordinances and design guidelines.

Development Code Projects


Multi-County Code Assistance Project

Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development

APG worked with DLCD to create model Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) and Forest code language, as well as reporting forms and a helpful user's guide, to simplify the process for counties interested in bringing their ordinances up to date.

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Walnut Station Form-Based Code, Code Assistance

City of Eugene, Oregon

APG worked with the City of Eugene to prepare a set of form-based code provisions for this bus rapid transit station area which includes a mix of commercial, residential and institutional uses.  Key stakeholders included the University of Oregon, local businesses and surrounding residents.

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Clark County Development Code Restructure

Clark County, Washington

APG worked with Clark County on a complete reorganization and clean-up of its Development Code. The project improved Code usability by restructuring the County’s existing zoning and development standards into a more organized format, making minor code amendments to clarify existing code language; codify current practice; and create a consistent style throughout, while remaining “policy-neutral.” 

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Unified Development Code (UDC)

City of Salem, Oregon

APG worked with the City of Salem on a unified development code (UDC). Similar to many communities, over a period of many years, Salem’s code had become more cumbersome, and the growing complexity of the code was a challenge for staff, citizens, and neighborhood groups, developers, and review bodies. The UDC consolidates a number of ordinances related to land use into a single, cohesive code with a consistent set of definitions and procedures.  

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Development Review Audit

Wasco County, Oregon

APG audited Wasco County’s zoning code and review practices to explore strategies for improving permitting processes.  The team identified needed code amendments, evaluated consistency with state regulations, and drafted an action plan to address these issues and improve departmental efficiency.

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Development Code Update

City of Happy Valley, Oregon

The City of Happy Valley contracted with APG to amend the City’s Land Development Code and update the Happy Valley Style Design Standards.  APG addressed limitations in the existing code, especially as it regulated building siting and parking lot placement.   The APG team met with the Design Review Board on two occasions during the project and assisted in preparing the staff report.  

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Code Updates

City of Gresham, Oregon

APG has completed three Development Code Improvement Projects for the City of Gresham. The existing code had been modified on an incremental and piecemeal basis over the years, and the growing complexity of the code challenged staff, citizens and neighborhood groups, developers and review bodies. APG successfully completed scoping, streamlining the development review process, and a comprehensive reorganization of code chapters pertaining to procedures and land use categories.

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Code Updates

City of Milwaukie, Oregon

As part of a TGM Code Assistance project, APG worked with the City of Milwaukie to provide a complete replacement of the City’s procedures chapter. APG also provided the City with a new development review chapter to address gaps in the City’s ability to review proposals. In addition, this project included revision of the City’s provisions relating to variances and non-conforming uses. All of the code amendments prepared by APG have been adopted into the Milwaukie Zoning Code.

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