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South Cooper Mountain Concept & Master Plans

City of Beaverton, Oregon

South Cooper Mountain: Shaped By the Place from FWFocus on Vimeo.

APG led the long term visioning and planning for South Cooper Mountain, a 2300-acre area in Southwest Beaverton. An overall Concept Plan set the 50-year vision for the study area, comprised 1,050 acres inside the urban growth boundary (UGB) and 1,240 acres outside the UGB (designated as urban reserve).  Two Community Plans provided detailed plans for how the two areas within the UGB will accommodate future housing, commercial areas, roads and transportation infrastructure, trails and parks, while preserving green spaces and natural resources.

The South Cooper Mountain Annexation Area Community Plan will create a new, complete and sustainable community for Beaverton, including 3 schools, 4 parks, a variety of housing averaging 13-15 dwellings/acre, a neighborhood center, preservation of natural areas, and a network of streets, bikeways, and paths. The North Cooper Mountain Community Plan reflects the unique needs of this already-developed area, and created an appropriate framework for the area’s future. Planning for the Urban Reserve Area will guide how best to protect natural areas and Cooper Mountain Nature Park, where future urban development may occur, and where connecting streets, water lines, and other utilities should be located. A Finance Plan identified realistic strategies for paying for infrastructure to serve the entire concept planning area.

An extensive public involvement process included Citizen Advisory Committee meetings, open houses, a visioning workshop, on-line surveys and workshops, and additional public information and community briefings. The process also included extensive involvement and coordination with Metro, Tigard, Washington County, and other partner governments and stakeholders.


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