City of Albany

Project Team

Joe Dills (under previous employment)
Kittelson and Associates
Mason, Bruce and Girard
Heritage Research Associates

South Albany Area Plan

Albany, Oregon

Joe Dills led the Concept Plan and implementation planning to create the South Albany Area Plan.  The plan includes 1957 acres within the City of Albany’s urban growth boundary – the largest block of undeveloped land in the city.  Existing conditions include the Oak Creek open space and floodplain, farms, Mennonite Retirement Village, and a variety of industrial and low density commercial uses clustered along Hwy 99E.  The plan envisions a “complete, walkable, and welcoming” community.  It emphasizes Oak Creek as a major community amenity, great neighborhoods, and a thriving employment center and southern gateway to Albany. The plan includes:  extensive existing conditions mapping and market analysis; framework plan and land use plan for four neighborhoods; connected streets plan; comprehensive trails and parks plan; and preferred locations for schools.  Implementation strategies include an infrastructure finance strategy, new South Albany Area Plan chapter of the Albany Comprehensive Plan, amendments to the Development Code, updates to the Albany Transportation System Plan, and special design standards for transition areas near Oak Creek.  

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