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APG worked with the City of Sherwood and ODOT to prepare a Town Center Plan for Sherwood. The purpose of the project was to determine the boundaries of the Sherwood Town Center, identify opportunities and constraints for the successful development of the Town Center, and create a strategy for the development and redevelopment of the area. Implementation steps included actions to bring the Town Center into compliance with Title 6 requirements in Metro’s Urban Growth Management Functional Plan and entailed recommended policy to be incorporated as part of the City’s comprehensive plan and proposed development code amendments.

Working with a Project Management Team (PMT), Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC), APG developed three alternatives for the Town Center Plan - the “Old Town” Town Center, “All Study Area” Town Center, and “Edges” Town Center. The alternatives were characterized and differentiated in terms of land use character, transit connections, gateways and streetscapes, and bicycle and pedestrian connections. The alternatives were evaluated according to collectively established criteria regarding community input, unique characteristics of the study area, a mix of land uses, an integrated and well-connected transportation system, plan and policy consistency, and efficient and cost-effective implementation strategies. The work also included an evaluation of a multimodal mixed-use area ("MMA") designation within or contiguous with the Town Center boundaries based on the new guidance for MMAs in the Transportation Planning Rule ("TPR") - Oregon Administrative Rule ("OAR") 660-012-0060.

The Sherwood Town Center Plan, adopted by the City in September 2013, represents a collaborative effort based on the meetings and participation of the PMT, TAC, SAC, and other community members, including outreach through a project web site, at open houses, and at public work sessions and hearings.

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