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Redmond Urban Growth Boundary Expansion

City of Redmond, Oregon

APG led a multi-disciplinary team to support a 2,300-acre urban growth boundary expansion.  Funded by a state planning grant and supported by additional local resources, the team prepared an urbanization study to determine the available supply of residential, commercial, and industrial land in the existing UGB and forecast land needs based on coordinated population and employment forecasts. That analysis determined a shortfall of residential land and identified problems with the existing distribution of employment land.  The team then assessed strategies for expanding the UGB into urban reserve areas based on public facility and transportation costs. That analysis identified areas most suitable for immediate expansion.

APG conducted community information meetings to share study results and input from those meetings resulted in a 50-year framework plan, called Envision Redmond. This plan identifies a footprint for a city of 80,000 residents - more than four times the city population - and includes policies for sequencing logical city expansion.  Finally, the team prepared draft comprehensive plan amendments and related findings to expand the UGB. APG provided technical assistance to the city during the UGB amendment process, which included the development of holding zones for land added to the UGB, requirements for master planning prior to annexation, amendments to the city/county growth management agreement, and other land use regulations.  The project earned a 2006 Special Achievement in Planning Award by the Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association.

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