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Milwaukie Tacoma Station Area Plan

City of Milwaukie, Oregon

APG led plan development for an area adjacent to a new light rail station on the Portland to Milwaukie light rail line.  The plan identifies proposed future land uses, as well as needed pedestrian, bicycle, street and other transportation improvements.  Primary goals of this project were to:

  • Promote an active station area community while addressing barriers to future redevelopment.

  • Increase employment intensity and the number of high paying jobs while supporting existing businesses and complementing downtown development goals.

  • Improve access to the Tacoma light rail station, particularly for bicyclists and pedestrians.

  • Design local streets, intersections and circulation for all types of transportation modes and people.

  • Provide an adequate supply of on and off-street parking and managing parking to encourage use of alternative modes of travel.

  • Design future buildings and public facilities to make the area attractive for businesses, residents and visitors.

Throughout the project, the team worked closely with city staff, two advisory committees, business and property owners, and the Planning Commission to provide continuous opportunities for information sharing and feedback. 

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