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Frog Pond Area Plan & Master Plan

The Frog Pond area is comprised of three new neighborhoods totaling roughly 500 acres on the eastern edge of the City of Wilsonville. A portion of this area – the 181-acre “West Neighborhood” and a 40-acre property designated for a school and community park – is already inside the Urban Growth Boundary; the remainder lies in land designated as Urban Reserve.

After the successful completion and adoption of the Frog Pond Area Plan in 2015, APG led the project to create a Master Plan for the Frog Pond West neighborhood that implements the vision for the neighborhood. The process has included the following:

  • Vision and guiding principles to capture the intended outcomes of the planning process

  • Four integrated framework plans for Land Use and Community Design, Transportation, Parks and Open Space, and Infrastructure (water, stormwater, and sewer systems)

  • A comprehensive look at opportunities and constraints at the site, city, and regional scales.

  • Market analysis to ensure viability and pragmatic implementation of the plan

  • Infrastructure funding strategies

  • Analysis of the effects of land use designations and residential density on housing affordability

  • Demonstration plans to “ground-truth” the principles of the Area Plan

  • Several in-person and on-line open houses, as well as robust citizen participation in project advisory committees and at Planning Commission/City Council meetings.

Frog Pond Area Plan

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