Umatilla Army Depot Reuse Authority

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Angelo Planning Group
Jerry Johnson
Mark Greenfield
Kittelson & Associates

Umatilla Army Depot Reuse Study

Morrow and Umatilla Counties, Oregon

Angelo Planning Group staff worked with the Umatilla Army Depot Reuse Authority (UMADRA) to prepare a Land Use Analysis as key step in the transformation of the Depot property from its prior military service to a new, major employment center for Umatilla and Morrow Counties. APG’s work focused on the needed Regional Economic Opportunity Analysis (REOA), statewide planning goal exceptions and transportation review that will enable new zoning and future land use entitlements. The site spans two counties (Morrow & Umatilla) and had never been zoned or subject to Oregon’s statewide land use program.

 As the only U.S. Army base in Oregon, the Umatilla Army Depot is a unique site of Statewide Significance. The approximately 17,000 acre site has been under Federal ownership and off the local tax rolls since the early 1940’s. A Redevelopment Plan was adopted by the Umatilla Army Depot Reuse Authority in 2010 and submitted to the Department of Defense (DOD), which accepted the Plan as meeting their expectations in terms of future uses. Three overarching goals were established through the planning process for the Depot:

1)     Military Reuse: accommodating the needs and plans of the Oregon National Guard;

2)     Environmental Preservation: with a special emphasis on the shrub-steppe habitat; and

3)     Economic Development: job creation & tax base

APG staff managed the Land Use Analysis and coordinated with a Development Feasibility Analysis conducted by others. Elements of the Land Use Analysis informed the Development Feasibility Analysis regarding the feasibility of future uses on the property. The Regional Economic Opportunities Analysis (REOA) and the statewide land use planning goal exceptions (Goals 3, 11 and 14) informed and guided the overall future development program for the site. 

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