Multnomah County, OR

Project Team

Angelo Planning Group
JLA Public Involvement 
Kittelson & Associates Inc. 

Comprehensive Plan Update

Multnomah County, OR

APG led a complete update the first overhaul of the County’s Comprehensive Plan since it was originally adopted. The process also included an update to the County’s Transportation System Plan and recommended changes to its development code.  The project featured extensive technical analysis, major policy updates and a comprehensive public outreach strategy. 

Major components of the project included:

  • Complete restructuring and reformatting of the plan to improve the functionality, user-friendliness and appearance of the plan.

  • Updates to numerous Plan policies to reflect current conditions and planning practices, state and federal laws and requirements, integration with other County planning efforts, and public input received during the process

  • Comprehensive public involvement process, including facilitation of an 18-member Citizens Advisory Committee, four subcommittees, three sets of public open houses, online engagement and coordination with partner public agencies

  • Technical analysis and updated mapping of a variety of issues, including land use, natural resources and hazards, farm and forest resources and other topics

  • Concurrent update and integration of rural Transportation System Plans, led by Kittelson and Associates

  • Assistance with adoption work sessions and hearings with the County’s Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners

Throughout the project, the team worked closely with County staff, citizen advisory committees and subcommittees and partner agencies to provide continuous opportunities for information sharing and feedback.  


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