Kodiak Island Borough


Project Team

Matt Hastie
  (while at Cogan Owens Cogan)
Alaska Conservation GIS Center
Kittelson & Associates
KMT Planning
McDowell Group

Comprehensive Plan Update

Kodiak Island Borough, Alaska

Matt Hastie (under previous employment) managed this effort for this 4.4 million acre area and its 10 local communities.  The Plan provides a framework for future decisions about land use, transportation, the natural environment, housing, economic development, public facilities and a host of other issues.

Team members researched and updated information on existing conditions and future trends; drafted new goals and policies; created an overall land use plan; developed a detailed implementation plan; prepared draft and final Plan documents; and presented information to Borough staff, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Assembly members.  The team also conducted an extensive public involvement program, including public and community group meetings; media releases, meeting flyers and other informational materials; and a project website.  Over the course of the project, Matt facilitated over 35 meetings in nearly every community in the Borough, including community-wide events and meetings with specific groups throughout the Borough.  This led to strong support for the Comprehensive Plan and a high level of credibility among Borough residents and stakeholders.                                                                                                                                 



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